ECOLOGICAL RIGHTS FOUNDATION – 3D PRINTER LITIGATION CAMPAIGN – Proposition 65 settlements reached with, Office Depot,, Staples, Walmart, and numerous manufacturers and distributors. Litigation to ensure Proposition 65 compliance for styrene filaments and 3D printing devices that use such filaments. Based on its research, product testing and consultations with toxicologists, EcoRights determined that Defendant’s products are causing significant exposures to styrene, a carcinogen at levels requiring a Proposition 65 warning. (San Francisco Superior Court.)

MIDCOAST ECO v. CALIFORNIA COASTAL COMMISSION & SAN MATEO COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS – Litigation challenging Coastal Commission’s failure to (1) analyze reasonably foreseeable impacts of an LCP Amendment, (2) evaluate LCP Amendment cumulative impacts, (3) failure to compare the LCP Amendment impacts to the existing baseline. (First District California Court of Appeal.)

PACIFICA GENERAL PLAN UPDATE AND EIR – March 2022 comments under CEQA and General Plan law.

COALITION OF PACIFICANS V. CITY OF PACIFICA – Court order finding abuse of discretion under CEQA for failure to prepare EIR where expert opinion of significant biological, hydrology, health risk, geomorphology and aesthetic impacts. (San Mateo Superior Court.)

INSTITUTE FOR POLICY STUDIES V. U.S. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation for release of over 20,000 pages of records from CIA, State Department, DEA, Department of Defense and the Defense Intelligence Agency regarding paramilitary efforts to kill Pablo Escobar. (District of Columbia federal district court.)