Alameda Creek Alliance v. Caltrans (November 2017 & February 2018) – Two lawsuits filed challenging EIRs prepared for highway construction in Niles Canyon, Alameda County, California.

Westpoint Marina (October 2017) – Comments prepared on behalf of Citizens Committee to Complete the Refuge regarding violations by the Westpoint Marina of their BCDC (Bay Conservation and Development Commission) permit and the McAteer-Petris Act. Issues included operator’s failure to install buoys, signs, channel markers and required barriers – to the detriment of sensitive species and their habitat. BCDC poised to adopt a Cease and Desist Order and impose an administrative civil penalty of $513,000 against the Westpoint Marina operator.

Stop Geoengineering Minnesota v. U.S. Department of Commerce (September 2017) – Freedom of Information Act litigation seeking disclosure of agency records regarding weather modification within the Weather Service Organization Workforce Analysis.

Davidon Homes Petaluma EIR (June 2017) – Comments submitted on behalf of Petalumans for Responsible Planning. City Council voted unanimously to deem the current draft EIR inadequate and require further review. More info here.

Monterey Bay Desalinization EIR (March 2017) – Comments prepared for Ecological Rights Foundation regarding proposed Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project EIR/EIS.

Warriors San Francisco Arena (January 2017) – Represented Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice regarding Warriors Arena soil (chromium, nickel and lead) treatment permits from Bay Area Air Quality Management District and California Department of Toxic Substances Control.

Pacificans for a Scenic Coast & Center for Biological Diversity v. Caltrans, 204 F.Supp.3d 1075 (N.D. California 2016) – Federal Court Ruled that Caltrans and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Violated the ESA in Proposed Pacifica Highway Widening Project by Including as Mitigation a Parcel Previously Designated as Mitigation in Another Project.